Wednesday, August 20, 2003

After taking a month off work to look after his poorly son, Liu Kai Chi was back to work yesterday at the costume tryout for TVB's new show "Choi Hung Kiu" (Rainbow Bridge). He has obviously lost some weight but he is thankful for hte support and care that all his friends, colleagues and even people who he doesn't know have offered him. These people include people from Hong Kong and even people from America and Canada who have called him or written to him to offer their words of support. He says that the biggest surprise was from some prisoners who wrote him a letter and as he cannot write back to them, he wants to thank them through the media.

When asked about his son's current condition, Uncle Chi says that his son has undergone 33 days of chemotherapy now and his condition is stable. In the past month he has been the runner, bringing the resources to and from the hospital where his wife has been doing all the hard work, staying by their son's side as they fight the battle. As a father, the hardest thing for him was facing the bone marrow extraction operation that his son has to go through, Uncle Chi explains: "Every time he has bone marrow extracted, I hear him calling out in pain for his mum from outside the operating theatre and this is very emotionally painful. However this will do good for his growing up because we have protected him too much in the past and he has really toughened up now."

Uncle Chi says that his son has a tube running from his right arm to his heart and will be like this for eight or nine months so they need to look after him carefully in this time. They also need to be prepared that the condition will be very volatile in the next two years. When asked whether he has any economic problems, Uncle Chi says that the government hospitals are not too expensive and there should be no problem with the medical fees, but he will be spending some money on the best food for his son but they are usually very thrifty, so they should be able to handle it.


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