Sunday, July 13, 2003

TVB's new show "Lut Ching San Yan Wong" (Survivor's Law) is being led by a group of relatively new stars, but Raymond Lam, Juno Mak, Myolie Wu and Bernice Liu all have high hopes for the show, Myolie says that if the show reaches 42 ratings points, she doesn't mind appearing in a bikini because she is happy with her figure, but her only condition would be that Bernice would have to join her, so they made their agreement by a shake of the finger.

Juno was asked whether he would appear in swimming trunks with Myolie, he agreed straight away: "No problem!" To start with, he requested that the trunks would be to his knees, but when he heard that Myolie would wear a bikini, he changed his words: "My legs are too skinny, maybe wear some skin coloured pants underneath or a banana leaf." When it was mentioned that Andy Lau has appeared with just a leaf to cover his bits up, and now he wants a banana leaf, he insists he was just using this as a figure of speech and had no intention of upsetting Andy. With his first series airing, he is a little nervous, but his fans have agreed to go home every night and watch him.

As for Raymond Lam and rumoured girlfriend Rain Li having a renewed love affair, he says that he doesn't know about this. Earlier Rain had admitted that she must repay her father's debts, but then using designer handbags, Raymond says: "Maybe she already had it! You shouldn't be so sensitive, after filming the series we haven't really been in touch any more."


[Oriental Daily]
Juno Mak and Raymond Lam, under the support of their fans appeared at a promotional event for "Survivors Law" and had a comparison of their talents, but judging by the sounds of booing from the audience, it would appear that Juno's backing is a little stronger. Raymond seemed a bit put out by this and could only explain this with "My fans are more refined and sensible."

With his first production on the air, Juno admits he is very nervous and feels that his past image may not be easily accepted by viewers and hopes that through the media of this TV series, he can bring in a reformed and comedic image and change the prejudices that some viewers have against him. To change the audience's opinions, he is not just going to talk about it, but will also show his sincerity with his actions, when he heard of Myolie Wu's promise to appear in a bikini if the shows ratings hit 42 points, he agrees with this and says he will wear some skin coloured trunks and a banana leaf to create a comedy image to mirror Myolie on the beach.


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