Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Shirley Yeung has been filming with Charmaine Sheh and Sonija Kwok in "Nameless Angels 3D", but there have been reports in a magazine that Charmaine and Sonija have been ganging up against Shirley and when the three are all filming together, Charmaine and Sonija will stick together and leave her out. The reason allegedly because they are not happy that as seniors they are having to share the stage equally with Shirley.

The reporters met with Shirley in TVCity yesterday and asked for her response, she said: "That isn't happening at all and Charmaine has already warned me that this type of news would appear. Actually at the time, they weren't needed on set because they were filming my scenes, and when we are rehearsing, we chat and laugh all the time. (What topics of conversation do the three of you have?) We talk girly things, such as beauty, cosmetics. There is no animosity between us at all, we are very happy working together." As for the reports of them being unhappy at Shirley's part, Shirley says that they are all the force beauties of this show and they each have their own personalities, upon reading the reports she just finds them very funny.


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