Saturday, July 19, 2003

Mimi makes a cheesecake and a chocolate cake to share with the crew because she has recently found a specialist shop that sells a lot of cake-making utensils. She says: " I have found this shop that sells a lot of things especially for making cakes, because in the past when I made cakes I didn't have anything to bring it to work in, but now I have this special cake box, smart and inexpensive that I can use again and again, really convenient." As well as making cakes, Mimi also has a great skill in cooking other foods. "My interest is in cooking and I will try anything. Although it isn't fantastic, it's still not bad. I think that if I ever leave the industry in the future I can become a chef!" Mimi doesn't have any intentions of changing her career just yet, but she is Power Chan's personal chef for the time being!

Mimi Lo and Power Chan met and started dating whilst filming together. Now they have another chance to film with each other, they can combine work and leisure and spend more time beside their other half. With their special chair they can stick together like siamese twins as Jessica looks on enviously!

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