Sunday, July 13, 2003

Joyce Tang appeared at a promotional event with Lau Ka Fai for the classic Shaw Brother's VCD sets and she says that out of all the classic film stars, the person she most admires is Master Lau, but because she has done little exercise recently, all her limbs have stiffened up, otherwise she would try out her kung fu skills with him.

Joyce tells with a touch of envy about how boyfriend Marco Ngai and Anne Heung have been fighting with each other in their new show and creating plenty of bruises, when asked if she will seek revenge for her boyfriend, Joyce says: "No. He knows that Anne has been working hard to keep fit and lose weight, so he will call her up and ask her what she wants to eat and then buy her some 'good stuff' for her to eat." Anne also plays tricks on them, dropping them notes on their car whilst they are still working. Once they tried to get her back, but they were not as quick as her and she still managed to win.

With her boyfriend so friendly with Anne and often playing around with her, does Joyce get jealous? She says: "Carry on playing. Go ahead, I have never been worried, it is good that someone will play with him." She adds that she believes that her boyfriend is mature enough to deal with this situation.


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