Friday, July 18, 2003

Claire Yiu appeared with other beautiful girls at a fashion parade of wedding gowns and appeared at the show with bandages around her hands. When asked for the reason, she explained that she hurt herself accidentally when she was moving house and was bleeding down the side of her fingernails on each finger. She immediately went to hospital for treatment and was told by the doctor that she didn't need stitches, but needed a tetanus injection. She says painfully: "When I had the injection, it really hurt and now I can't put any pressure on my fingers, I am really afraid there will be a scar there later." She adds with resignation that since her injury she has been almost disabled because she can't do anything so she has to depend on her mother to help her wash and her boyfriend Lam Cho Fai to help her wash her hair. It turns out that Claire had originally wanted to wear gloves at the show, but the bandage is too big and she couldn't get the gloves on, making her feel that it looks awful. However, to cheer up his girlfriend, Lam Cho Fai has promised her three wishes, making Claire find this very sweet, but she hasn't thought of what she wants yet. When it was suggested that she should ask him to get married, she immediately replies: "Don't be stupid!"


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