Monday, July 07, 2003

The cast of TVB's "Better Halves" made their way to the Lam Village in Taipo to pray for luck yesterday at the Wishing Tree. Steven Ma wrote his wish as 'High Ratings, Good Health and the End of Rumours' in the hope that his wish will come true. He says: "So much gossip makes me so frustrated, always writing about this and that, they don't write it when I am filming, only when the show is airing, it's nothing to do with me, they are so pointless! In the future, I will have to deal with these situations very carefully, just making sure I clarify everything first. I am not stupid, so don't put my name to every rumour or I will fall out with you!" Steven feels that Maggie Cheung and Joyce Coi are good friends so he doesn't need to hold back, but with friends he doesn't know too well then he will be more careful.

The artistes who took part were all very happy as the producer thanked them all with presents. The three main characters, Steven, Maggie and Joyce all received a set of gold cups and everyone else received a lucky packet. However, Moses Chan was not ablet to attend the gathering. Producer Mui Siu Ching mentioned that he is not well, with an upset stomach and sounded very weak on the phone, so she told him to go and see the doctor and hopes he will get better soon.

Also, Maggie Cheung has been filming two real estate advertisements in Guangzhou and rushed back yesterday to take part in the promo before flying out to a charity show in Atlantic City. The show has been delayed because of the SARS crisis, so on her visit, she will also be visiting a hospital in New York before going onto MC in Atlantic City. Guests at the show will inlcude: Edmond Leung, Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leung and Cheng Hei Yi. Maggie says: "I will stay there for a few days, but I must be back in Hong Kong before the 21st because there is a promotion sponsored with an abalone meal and I will definitely come back for that."


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