Friday, July 04, 2003

article requested by windyvalley

Maggie Cheung has been promoting Marianne Chan's "LF Perfect Woman" range of products but her successfully enhanced breasts and "coke bottle" figure. And this newly regenerated beauty has been rumoured to have been pursued by Moses Chan, Steven Ma and Tung Bo, creating a "Four-part love affair", but she doesn't feel this at all, only finding this very amusing. She says: "With four people together I'd rather play mah jong, maybe get a few more tables together, get to know each other so there's no need to fight or be jealous."

Maggie describes her relationship with Moses as good friends, Steven is her brother and Tung Bo is her "old buddy". She says of her and Tung Bo: "We dated for eight years and have been apart for six, but we are still good friends and that is rare, so I have said to him all along not to get involved again because I don't want to spoil the friendship. I don't care about any five-, six-, seven-, eight- part love affairs, at the moment I'd rather be working."

What excites Maggie the most is after her transformation, she can not only wear lots of pretty clothes, she can even fulfil her desire to wear bikinis. She reveals her small secret: "I really liked to buy bikini's all along, but my figure before wasn't very curvy, so I daren't wear them in Hong Kong, but I still bought them whenever I saw beautiful ones, take them home and look at them in my free time to make my happy. Things are different now, I can not only buy them, I can wear them out to show people, I don't have to hide my bikini's at home any more."


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