Thursday, June 26, 2003

Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Halina Tam, Fiona Yuen, Chan Man Chi, Michael Tong and other artistes from "Wai See Lei" (The W Files) all appeared at the YMCA Indoor climbing centre for a climbing competition where the girls did the climbing and the men took charge of pulling the ropes, finally the contest was won by the injured Tavia Yeung who took home $5000 of travel vouchers.

Yoyo indicated that she has to take on some promotion work for the show so she will not be returning to Guangzhou to continue filming "Kung Fu Soccer" until 3rd July. She says: "I came across a strange thing when I was in Guangzhou. I had returned there from Hong Kong and got to the hotel, I saw that the sheets and bedding were very clean, but when I woke up there was a black stain on them. When I told the staff, they suggested I changed rooms, but it didn't happen again and I didn't want to move everything so I didn't, but my mum gave me a lucky charm to keep me safe." It turns out that this is the first time that Yoyo has tried climbing, she says: "When I was six years old, I was climbing either a tree or a drainpipe when I fell and hurt my leg and had to see a doctor for six months, but I still wasn't scared and still climbed trees to pick at peaches."

Even climbing whilst nursing an injury, Tavia Yeung indicated that she wil be filming an ancient drama on the mainland where she has to learn to ride a horse and during her recent riding lessons, she was kicked by the horse in front. Seeing her legs shaking as she climbed, she explained that it was very slippery and she was quite scared as this was her first time climbing. Has Timmy given her any lessons? She asks: "Does he know how to do it? (With Cathy Tsui back in Hong Kong, when she was told about your news she says she congratulates you?) Does she know who I am? Why is she congratulating me? If Timmy and I were dating, then I would thank her, but the truth is that we aren't."

Recently, director Ng Yik Lung has started making a movie based on the story of Leslie Cheung, entitled "Fung Gai Juk Chui" (The Wind Keeps Blowing) where there will be some quite explicit scenes between the actors playing the parts of Leslie and Tong Tong, as one of Leslie's best friends, Elisa Chan has shown her displeasure at this. Playing the part of Mo Shun Kwan in the film, Halina Tam says: "I am an artiste and an actor, and having seen the storyline, I feel that it does not bend the truth in any way and tells the story of Leslie's life, nothing has been added and it will not mar him, it is very positive and not making money out of a dead person."

Some magazine articles have suggested that TVB's show "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (Extraordinary Father in Law) has caused some segregation among the female artistes, all except Michelle Ye. In response, Halina explains that Michelle's part in the show wasn't that big and admits that there were some close bonds between her and the other actresses playing wives such as Pak Yan, Akina Hong and Sherming Yau. Pak Yan knitted a jumper for her and Akina brought her a present back from performing in Macau. Actually, all the cast had been for dinner together but because there was so many of them and the food would have taken a long time to prepare, they split off into little groups to make it easier. Halina's age is nearer that of Michelle, but how come she got on so well with Pak Yan? She says: "Maybe it's just an affinity, this was the first time I have worked with Michelle, so maybe next time I will know her a bit better."



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