Sunday, June 15, 2003

With earlier reports that she would be getting married before the end of the year, Angie Cheung and her fiance Fok Siu Kau were involved in an incident where Fok was suspected of assaulting Angie. With previous news that their marriage was meeting problems, Kong Wah and Kitman Mak were asked about this and they say that there will always be arguments and problems when two people are together but it is intolerable if physical violence is inflicted. Kwong Wah says that Angie is too young and to get married would be hasty and may lead to a swift divorce.

Kwong Wah and Edmond So appered at a Father's Day event yesterday and when they spoke about Angie's incident, Kwong Wah mentioned that he has worked with Angie before and has seen her boyfriend on the TV. When asked if he was shocked by this news, he says: "Not really shocked, when two people are in a relationship there will always be some problems, but you should never resort to physical violence!" He fells that there must be a reason for the fight and they should look at it calmly together to prevent this situation arising.

Kwong Wah says that people need to be mature about these things and restrain their temper. He says: "They chose to get married very quickly, then they end up fighting, maybe very soon they will be divorced." He says that Angie is probably still too young and maybe she can look on this and put it down to experience so she knows how to deal with it in the future. Kwong Wah's wife Kitman and his son and daughter also appeared at the event and his daughter gave him a picture frame as a father's day gift. However, Kwong Wah pointed out that he had to carry on filming that night so he couldn't have a meal with his family.

When Edmond heard about Angie's report, he was very stunned saying: "I don't know how to respond, but I won't be calling her yet as I don't want to disturb her, I don't really want to talk about things I don't know about." When asked about his thoughts on how a couple should be together, he says he feels that the most important thing is to compromise and he admits to being a very good-tempered man.


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