Friday, June 20, 2003

With earlier reports that Michael Tao will be heading back to TVB to be the No 1 Lead Male, Michael appeared at a promotional event for Cable's "Ling Yee Jing Chap Dong On" (Supernatural Files) together with Lee San San, Joey Leung and Lee Lung Kee yesterday and indicated that he has already signed with TVB and will be making three series in two years. When asked about whether his salary is higher now than when he left, he says: "My return to TVB this time is not for money, it is to prove that my relations with TVB are better now and not like the earlier reports that we had fallen out severely."

Michael says that his salary is reasonable, with TVB being very direct and the agreement a happy one, it is the same as it was when he left, nothing has changed. Some reports indicate that Bobby Au-Yeung is receiving HK$30,000 per episode, Michael says: "He is a pillar of the company, of course he will earn more than me!" As for the departure of Gallen for him to take the top space, he says: "It's all been said by other people, you are too flattering." His first series will start filming in August and will be working with Bobby and Kenix Kwok. Michael was asked whether he will make series similar to "Yat Ho Wong Ting" (Files of Justice) again, Michael says he hasn't asked about it, but he says he'd rather not as he'd like to take on other types of role because with too much copying, the viewers will get bored. However he says he will give any type of show a try apart from ancient costume dramas, laughing that he can't imagine himself as a Kung Fu Hero.

Michael's contract with TVB will start in July, but with him still appearing in Cable promos, is he not afraid of conflict? He says that he has reached an agreement with TVB and they are fine with this.

Also Lee San San says that she will be going to Japan next week with Choi Lan to "enjoy life" and she says that because she doesn't take her credit card on holiday, she will have to take several tens of thousands of dollars in cash to go on her shopping spree on food and clothes. Is she not afraid of getting fat? San San says she is not worried about getting fat because she can control herself and she can lose weight again after she comes back.


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