Sunday, June 01, 2003

Timmy Hung and Carlo Ng were at a bar in Tsim Sha Tsui filming an advertisement for Yanjing Beer, they have both signed as spokespersons for the brand for a year and each receiving a six-figure sum for it and they both say that they are pleased with the salary. Previously, Alex Fong had also made an advert for Yanjing, do they feel that they have beaten him to get this job? Timmy says that maybe not beaten, but Alex went for a mature, sophisticated image and they are going for a more young and fresh feel.

Timmy explains that the beer has recently changed its packaging and renamed the brand as "Party" so they wanted some younger to do their ads. He says he hopes that the response will be good so they can continue to make the next one. The pair have named themselves as "Men's" a new youth group! Recently, apart from Alex Fong, Stephen Chow has also made a series of beer commercials, are they worried they will be compared to him? Timmy says there is nothing to compare, just like in making a film, you wouldn't go comparing them to the likes of Stephen and Jackie Chan.

Normally in beer commercials there are the usual sexy beauties, but the girls in the ad were fully clothed sweeties, Wong Yung and Lok Lok. Wong Yung was game for a laugh as she placed her hand onto Carlo's lap, when Timmy saw this, he immediately called: "Good for you, now let's swap places!". Timmy says there will be no intimate scenes with the girls in this ad and laughs that he wishes there was, even if it was with Carlo. When mentioned that he has Tavia Yeung already, he says they are just good friends, but he laughs that recently whilst being followed by the press, he has taken photos of them and their cars. He say that he will later be opening an exhibition of the photographs he has amassed and share experiences with his fellow artistes!


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