Thursday, June 26, 2003

Rumour has it that Joyce Cheng (Yan Yee) will be losing weight in preparation for entering the showbiz industry, but Lydia Shum denies this. Yesterday, Adam Cheng was filming for "Fei Sheung Ngoi Fu" (Extraordinary Father In Law) with Joyce Tang when he was asked about this, he said: "If Lydia denies it, then it isnt. (Do you agree with your daughter losing weight?) She needs to take care not to keep putting on more weight, she doesn't have much of a quota and need to take care of her health, because being too fat will lead to many health problems and all girls worry about how they look. (Has your daughter mentioned to you that she wants to lose weight?) She has always been very aware of her body, but she has been chubby since she was a child and although she takes care with what she eats, eating about the same as what I eat, it's just my cells are different from hers in that I am naturally quite skinny. Usually she is very light footed like her mother, I took her out for dinner recently and made up for her birthday present with a lucky packet. (Does she have a boyfriend?) Girls usually talk about these things with their mothers." When asked about reports that his screen daughter Michelle Ye is being boycotted by the other cast members, he responded surprisedly: "Not heard about this, she treats me very well. (Is it because she is good to you that she is being boycotted?) A daughter should be good to her father!"

Joyce Tang denies this incident, saying that she and Michelle have each other's phone numbers and laughs: "Every series will have its rumours, if they don't it won't be a true series. Thanks for helping to promote the show!"

She laughs that the only person that is being left out in this show is Akina Hong, because she is very absent minded in that she took a camera to work to take some photographs, but when she came to process the film, she found there was no film in the camera. Will you scold Akina? Joyce laughs: "We're used to it, we know she is majorly dizzy so we don't waste our breath." Joyce says that everyone working on the show is fine and are always bringing food to the set, Adam is always paying for dinner and says he will take her touring.

Michelle wasn't working yesterday, so she was called to find out her opinion. She explains that on that day, she sat on her own to one side because the wedding dress she was wearing was very clumsy so she couldn't really sit with the others. With reports that Akina was imitating her expression and making other people laugh, she says she doesn't mind as it was just a joke. When it was mentioned that Adam was standing up for her, Michelle expresses her thanks to him and says that the truth is there to see and those who know her will understand her personality. As for this magazine's constant attacks against her, she says that although it is something out of nothing, she still thanks them for the publicity and feels that the news must be of some value for them to print it.


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