Sunday, June 15, 2003

Roger Kwok, Anne Heung and other members of the cast of "Wai See Lei" (The W Files) were at a Father's Day Fun Day activity yesterday and Roger mentioned that his father is already 80 years old and has everything he needs in life, so when it came to buying him a present, he couldn't think of what to buy so this year he has not bought him anything. He says: "I saw an article in a book about how to make Almond Cake, so I tried to make him one. (Did your girlfriend help you?) She helped me taste test it, but she has to work today."

When asked about the incident where Angie Cheung was suspected of being beaten by her fiance, he says that he doesn't really know Angie: "Maybe they just bumped a bit while they were dancing, you fight and you make up, it's all part of dating. (Have you met with this part yet?) No, there are a lot of aspects of dating and everyone has different choices." He says that he has never been beaten up in real life nor will he beat anyone. He laughs that he does not know how to do heroic protection, but at least he will never hit a woman, when he is angry he will close his eyes and think of other things to ease his concentration. When asked if this incident will make him afraid of getting married, he says: "It shouldn't, I will give her warmth, comfort and say lots of sweet things for her. (Do you say this to Au Sin Yee a lot?) I am not at this stage yet."

Anne Heung mentioned that her father is in Canada, so they haven't really celebrated yesterday, but took her dad out before. When the rather average ratings for "The W Files" was mentioned, she says that new shows need time to warm up and she has faith in the show and has heard some pretty good comments about it.

(Photograph from Mingpao/Yahoo News HK)

Yoyo Mung said that she originally booked a table to go and have dinner with her father, but in the end, she has to miss out. She says: "Every year, for Mother's Day or birthdays there is no problem, but it's just Father's Day that I can never make. Last night I came back from Canton, but I have to work until 10pm so I won't be able to eat with him, but he will not be angry with her."

What present did she buy him? Yoyo says tht she was rushing to attend this event and asked her assistant to park the car, so she doesn't have any money on her to buy a present or dinner. She says that she agreed before that she would take her father on holiday, but now she has made enough money, her father's health is poor and he has Parkinson's disease and is unable to travel, so this fills her with some regret.

There were some reports that the hotel Yoyo stayed in whist filming "Kung Fu Soccer" in China was very poor, she says: "It wasn't as bad as I thought, you can't stay in a five star hotel when you are filming. Usually it is a three-star hotel, not too luxurious. Because of what I had heard people say before, I went with the worst expectations, but it wasn't that bad when I saw it." Some reports say that the hotel had fleas, she said that when it is humid, then the insects will bite and this would be the same in a five-star hotel. She laughs: "I took an anti-flea spray and sprayed so much that it set off the alarm in the room and people said I was forcing all the fleas into the neighbouring rooms, then I heard the TV being switched up high, maybe they were seeking revenge on me." She says she would rather stay in a place that was convenient to the filming rather than move out on her own further away.


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