Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The cute couple of Edmond So and Winnie Lau appeared at a promotion for Epson yesterday and seeing that Winnie seemed to have put on weight, she was asked whether she is expecting again. Winnie's reponse was quite unexpected as she said: "No Way!" She says that luckily their daughter is very well behaved and people say that if the first is well behaved, the second will be a handful, so she says that she has no plans to have another baby.

Talking of her old friend Vivian Lai's iminent birth of her baby next month, and her rather large bump suggesting she has put on about 40 lbs, will Winnie be exchanging tips on looking after the baby? Winnie says that she won't, because Vivian has her family to look after her. She thinks back to the time when she first became a mother, Winnie laughs that she didn't have a hard time at all because she has experience of looking after her nephew and most of the time the maid looked after the baby so she had quite an easy time.

Edmond will soon be heading abroad to perform with his Grasshopper buddies, will he be having a concert in Hong Kong like Beyond? He says that with the current market conditions, the chances are slim. Recently the couple have been working in partnership to make money, Edmond laughs that they had been asked by a real estate company to make an ad as a family unit with all three of them, but he says his daughter is still too young, so he turned it down. However he says that if they were to agree, the price of their daughter's performance will be higher than their's.


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