Sunday, June 15, 2003

Bernice Liu took her lunch of "soup remains" specially created for her by her father in for her lunch yesterday, explaining that she doesn't feel like eating much in the summer, so eating the "soup remains" is a good way of losing weight and saving money. She hopes to save as much as she can so she can buy a car to drive to and from TVCity and when she is working she can rest in her car, thus achieving her dream for many years.

Bernice has always wanted a new car and earlier had been with Hawick Lau and Tavia Yeung to make her selection at the showroom, but she still hasn't made her mind up yet. Bernice says: "I am still in two minds as to whether I should choose a big car or a little one, because when I get the taxi to TVCity, I see the big trucks going past and that sense of pressure is quite scary, so buying a big car will probably be safer and moreover I can use the back of the car to sleep in when I am filming on location."


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