Saturday, May 31, 2003

Yoyo Mung, Michael Tong and Tavia Yeung were among the stars at a promotional event for "Wai See Lei" (The W Files) yesterday. Yoyo mentioned that she will soon be heading up to the mainland to start filming for the show "Kung Fu Soccer". A while ago, Yoyo had developed a fever after eating too much durian and she was diagnosed with an intestinal infection and concerned with her health for this trip, she will be going for another check up before she goes. She says that she has always been able to eat a whole durian in one go, but sometimes she feels a little dizzy afterwards, like she is drunk!

Yoyo is fully prepared for this trip, but when asked if she will try the local game delicacies, she says she is afraid. It turns out that last time she was filming for "The W Files" in China, one of the restaurant owners treated them to a game banquet, including raccoon and wild boar. Because it is regarded as a delicacy, she was worried that she would be disrespectful if she refused, but luckily Gallen Lo and the producer were there to help out and she just tried a bit of the boar. However the following day, she was involved in a car accident, so she is afraid to risk it again.

Tavia Yeung was asked where her boyfriend was, she laughed in reply: "I'm still looking for him!" She clarified once again that she and Timmy Hung are just friends and in response to the reports of Timmy being a player, she says she doesn't mind because he is just a friend and she finds him a lot of fun. When asked if she feels like she is being pursued, she says that they are just friends for now, but who knows what will happen in the future? (Has she met Timmy's dad Samo Hung yet?) No, she hasn't but she has seen him on the screen!


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