Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Whilst filming for "Hak Ye Choi Hung" (Fate Twisters), Lawrence Ng developed a romance with his co-star Lo Wing Han and their romance has been revealed, but during the promotional event for this show, the two refused to have any photographs taken together, purposely keeping their distance from each other. Wing Han later said that as a lady, she was a little embarassed and when asked how she copes with Lawrence's chauvinism, she laughs that she doesn't like chauvinistic men, but she does not have any problems getting on with him.

Lawrence arrived with his own assistant whilst Wing Han came with the rest of the TVB crew. Lawrence explains that they like to keep their working life and private life separate. When asked to have a photo taken together, they refused and Lawrence pointed out that it wasn't really right because Gigi Lai is the star and he should be having photos with her. (Do they have an arrangement?) Lawrence laughs that there is no arrangement because he is in charge. Isn't he afraid his girlfriend will be unhappy? He says no, because they like to keep things low key. Will they be working together again? He says that there will be a chance because they are both artistes.

Lawrence indicates that he will soon be going out to film in Shanghai for six months and will be apart from his girlfriend all for the sake of work. It was suggested that if he marries his girlfriend then he can see her all the time. Lawrence indicates that he would wish for his future wife to carry on with her work after marriage because that would keep her occupied and create topics of conversation to keep the relationship going. He says he will be away from the HK viewers for a while and his views on the departure of Gallen and the return of Michael Tao are that it is good to come back whilst it is a bit quieter and for Gallen he thinks he should have a good time just returning whenever he wants to.


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